New Brass, Fiber Beads, Red Swarovski Crystal Drop


Lamp-work, Bronze, SemiPrecious Stone, Swarovski Pearl, Fiber Bead, Necklace Set


NEW Red and White Fairy Cameo With Fiber Beads Necklace


Fall, Lamp-work Pumpkin, Cats Eye, Sterl Silver, What Would Jesus Do Necklace


New Antique Gold Blue Fiber Bead, Stone Earrings


New Gold Multi Color Fiber Bead, Stone Earrings


Rocky's Unique Creations

Hello, and welcome to my shop.
Thanks for stopping by and I'm sure you'll find some interests.
All of my animal parts in any of my items are animal friendly. I do not kill the animal. They are either sheddings from the animal or I use parts from an animal that has already passed on. Everything is cleaned and sanitary.
Thank-you and come again.