Item collection 2792761 original

OOAK Authentic White Sea Coral Birds Nest Pendant


Item collection 273007 original

New Brass, Fiber Beads, Red Swarovski Crystal Drop


Item collection 2842648 original

Hot Pink Skeleton Leaf Under Glass Necklace


Item collection 2230241 original

4 1/4" Tall Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird and Flower W/Mirror Base


Item collection 2297608 original

Valentines Day Small Gift Bag "Just For You"


Item collection 3096395 original

"Eggs" Candle Mat Penny Rug With Vines And Flowers For Easter PATTERN #155


Item collection 1814896 original

NEW Cross Stitch Stocking, Snow Flakes, Wood Memory Box


Item collection 2016127 original

Lamp-work, Bronze, SemiPrecious Stone, Swarovski Pearl, Fiber Bead, Necklace Set


Item collection 2845520 original

30mm Dandelion Fluff Under Glass Pendant


Item collection 2842680 original

Charcoal Black Skeleton Leaf Under Glass Necklace


Item collection 3387949 original

"Log Cabin Moose" Candle Mat Penny Rug Pine Trees Cottage On A Lake PATTERN #166


Item collection 2368844 original

"What A Pear" Pear Candle Mat Penny Rug With Flowers PATTERN


Item collection 2368980 original

"This Little Piggy" Pig Candle Mat Penny Rug With Corn Cob and Flowers PATTERN


Item collection 2334862 original

"Picnic" Watermelon Candle Mat Penny Rug With Ants Flowers And Blanket PATTERN


Item collection 2316348 original

Vintage But New Sports Car Club Of America Iron On Patch


Item collection 242574 original

NEW Price Cut! New Green Porcupine Quill and Snowball


Item collection 242822 original

NEW Handmade Orange Porcupine Quill and Pepper Ear


Item collection 1694 original

NEW Peach & Crystal Glass & Feather Earrings


Item collection 1205 original

New Black, Purple, Gold, Silver, Feather Earrings


Item collection 1193 original

New Dreamcatcher Earrings With Dalmation Jasper


Item collection 1183 original

New Yellow and Gold Glass Bead, Feather Earrings


Item collection 1156 original

New Black, Red, Porcupine Quill & Feather Earrings


Item collection 1110 original

New Black, White Porcupine Quill And Feather Earrings


Item collection 247660 original

NEW Red, White, Blue Porcupine Quill Bead Earrings


Item collection 1083296 original

New Silver Porcupine Quill Ornament Earrings


Item collection 1091516 original

NEW! Black & Gold Porcupine Quill & Glass Bead Earrings


Item collection 260227 original

New Antique Gold Blue Fiber Bead, Stone Earrings


Item collection 260229 original

New Gold Multi Color Fiber Bead, Stone Earrings


Item collection 265360 original

NEW Porcupine Quill and Glass Bone Earrings


Item collection 255646 original

NEW Yellow Porcupine Quill and Glass Bead Earrings


Item collection 254896 original

NEW Black Red Porcupine Quill Glass Spider Earrings


Item collection 256528 original

New Violet, Purple Swarovski Crystals, Porcupine Quill Earrings


Item collection 352582 original

Brown Porcupine Quill and Clear Swarovski Crystal


Item collection 1073858 original

New Green Porcupine Quill and Green Ornament Earrings


Item collection 2373493 original

"Dragon" Lantern Candle Mat Penny Rug With Flowers PATTERN


Item collection 1826671 original

NEW Red and White Fairy Cameo With Fiber Beads Necklace


Item collection 1814502 original

NEW Purple Porcupine Quill Christmas Earrings


Item collection 1814698 original

NEW Blue Waters, Porcelain Cameo, Swarovski, Hand Crafted Memory Box


Item collection 1813158 original

NEW Money Plant Under Glass Reversable Necklace


Item collection 2545632 original

Original From My Garden Counted Cross Stitch Yellow Tickseed Flower PATTERN 24"x18"


Item collection 2545651 original

Original From My Garden Counted Cross Stitch Squirrel On A Trellis PATTERN 24"x18"


Item collection 2059618 original

I Put Your Photo On A Bottle Cap Necklace And Get Original Photo Back


Item collection 2017292 original

Fall, Lamp-work Pumpkin, Cats Eye, Sterl Silver, What Would Jesus Do Necklace


Item collection 2244063 original

NEW Fiskars 5/8" Star Pop Up Punch Never Used


Item collection 2271422 original

50+ Molted Clean Perfect Mixed Bird Parrot Feathers Crafts 1/4" to 2 1/2" N


Item collection 2465829 original

"An Apple A Day" Worm Candle Mat Penny Rug With Vines and Buds PATTERN


Rocky's Unique Creations

Hello, and welcome to my shop.
Thanks for stopping by and I'm sure you'll find some interests.
All of my animal parts in any of my items are animal friendly. I do not kill the animal. They are either sheddings from the animal or I use parts from an animal that has already passed on. Everything is cleaned and sanitary.
Thank-you and come again.