Brown Porcupine Quill and Clear Swarovski Crystal

$5.00 USD


Product Description

Up for sale is a NEW pair of Porcupine quill and Swarovski Crystal earrings.

These earrings are animal friendly. My quills come from porcupine sheddings, not killing the animal.

I have always loved animals, nature, and crafts. Now I can put them all together. All my crafts with animal parts are animal friendly. I never kill the animal or hurt it in any way to get a part. If I have made something with a body part, the animal has passed naturally.

The best part of using natural materials is the unique fact that they are never the same. You always have a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

The quills are died and each one of them take on it's own shade of the color.

At 2 1/2" from top to bottom, they would be a very pretty addition to your earring collection.

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Thanks for looking and God Bless.

Happy Hunting!

Brown Porcupine Quill and Clear Swarovski Crystal

Rocky's Unique Creations

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All of my animal parts in any of my items are animal friendly. I do not kill the animal. They are either sheddings from the animal or I use parts from an animal that has already passed on. Everything is cleaned and sanitary.
Thank-you and come again.